Before working with the Firmware, you will need to install the Arduino IDE on your computer.  The IDE is available for download on the Arduino downloads page.  Windows users installing the IDE for the first time may have a difficult time getting the USB-to-UART drivers to work.  Follow the Getting Started page on the Arduino webpage and search the forums to get started.


  1. You will need the latest version of the Arduino IDE to bootload the atmega328 microprocessor
  2. You will need the 022 release of the Arduino IDE to upload and work with the firmware (scroll down to ‘previous IDE versions’)

Advanced users may chose to copy the most up-to-date bootloading files into the 022 release, but we recommend just using the two IDE versions…

Once you have downloaded the IDEs, you will need to copy over the custom firmware libraries to the Arduino 022 IDE.This is shown in the begging of the ‘’ video clip. The firmware, libraries and setup instructions video are available from the github repository.