The ‘Wifly’ breakout board allows you to plug a ‘Wifly’ wifi module directly into the streaming UART output from the UPOD. The headers are also compatible with the ‘XBee’ module.

The breakout board features a 2/3 voltage divider to reduce the 5V UART Tx output from the UPOD into a 3.3V UART Rx input to the Wifly module. The switch on the bottom-side allows users to select between standard mode (configurable) and AdHoc mode.

In AdHoc mode, the WiFly-RN-XV module will create a wireless network of its own. A user with a wifi connection may connect to the network and view real-time the streaming data from the UPOD. See the WiFly-RN-XV user manual for other configuration option (eg. client mode, server connection, etc…).