The ‘potentiostat shield’ is a single potentiostat and analog-to-digital converter assembly which can be plugged directly into the UPOD (or even into an Arduino Uno!). It uses the same circuit and analog-to-digital converter as the QuadStat. The user must solder the address jumpers for the mcp3424 ADC.
NOTE: Float/Float and Gnd/Gnd are NOT valid addresses as they will conflict with the real time clock address
See the firmware section for a description of how to add an extra mcp3424 object to the code and allocate it a custom address.
For those who do not want to modify the firmware to accomodate an extra mcp3424, you may give the ‘potentiostat shield’ the same address as the mcp3424 which comes standard on the UPOD. i.e.

  1. Solder the address jumpers of the on-board MCP3424, choosing an address which does not conflict with any other I2C devices (e.g. A0=float A1=ground)
  2. Solder the ‘potentiostat shield’ headers with A0=V+ and A1=float
  3. Enable ‘ON_BOARD’ in the UPOD firmware

Now the UPOD will log the 4 potentiostat values in the place of the on board mcp3424 data.


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