The UPOD is, in its most basic form, just an integrated sensor/datalogger system. It incorporates sockets for a variety of commercially available sensors with data-storage on a microSD memory card. Simply add power (wall transformer or 12V battery), insert an SD card and flip the switch. Mount it in an enclosure and VOILA! You’re ready to go.


The UPOD is also scalable in design, making it ideal for those wishing to integrate it into existing projects, or use it as the foundation for a project of their own. Just a few features include: Variable speed DC motor control (eg. fan or pump), 6.6V (standard) or 9V regulated DC voltage to power peripheral devices, 5V regulated DC voltage output, streaming UART serial data output and a header for interfacing with other I2C protocol devices.


The UPOD has headers which can accomodate a variety of sensors.
(Click on name to view sensor location)

  • S100 CO2 NDIR sensor
  • e2v metal-oxide type sensor
  • Figaro metal-oxide type sensor
  • BaselineMocon PID TVOC sensor
  • Relative Humidity and Temp
  • Barometric Pressure and Temp
  • GPS module